Our Food Quality and Safety Services

Food Safety and Quality Programs

Every food business has different requirements for their food compliance programs, depending on their location, regulatory, industry and customer requirements. Let Alimentex work with you to create a food safety and quality program that will identity and control risk, meet your compliance obligations and protect your business and brands from unwanted damage.   

Internal Audit and System Review

Internal Audits and System Reviews provide a real-time indication of how your food compliance systems are operating and show you areas which require improvement. System Reviews are our speciality, and your business will benefit immensely from having a fresh set of eyes experienced look over it. We're often chosen by corporations to conduct swift, methodical and meaningful reviews of Food Safety and Quality implementations and related 'Culture' outcomes.


Training is a key element of any food business’ compliance program and most importantly, a legal requirement, regardless of the size of your business. Training your team members enhances your compliance outcomes and allows your business to grow.   

Premises and Equipment Design Consultancy Services

Because we've visited over 4500 Food Processing and Manufacturing sites Globally over the past 18 years to review the application of the World's most stringent Customer, Industry and Regulatory Food Standards, we know a thing or two about what "good" looks like! 

Food Labelling

Most foods require specific information to be included on labelling for compliance to legal requirements. Labelling requirements are complex at the best of times, which is where Alimentex can help!    

Special Projects, Contracts and Secondment

We understand that your business needs access to the best people, including temporary access in some instances.    

Let our team of experienced Food Quality and Safety professionals assist your business by covering the temporary absence of key team members, or to facilitate complex technical projects to enhance the operational effectiveness of your business operation.