We offer a range of cost effective flexible training options!

Training is a key element of any food business’ compliance program and most importantly, a legal requirement, regardless of the size of your business. Training your team members enhances your compliance outcomes and allows your business to grow.   

Alimentex Food Industry Training offers a range of tailored training products to best suit your business operation, including:   

  • Induction training packages specific to your business 
  • Flexible online training to enhance food safety and quality skills across your team 
  • You can also use our training packages to deliver assessed, competency based training at your workplace 
  • Onsite training spanning all food compliance requirements (over 50 courses), including assessments and competency checklists 
  • Special training activities covering Agrifood sector issues, technology and standard updates 
  • Allergen Management training 
  • Food Fraud training 
  • Food Business Culture training 
  • Food Labelling standards and requirements   

Are you meeting your legal obligations for skills and knowledge based training? We can provide a training solution that will suit your business, delivered in a manner which is convenient, cost effective and provides superior learning outcomes.