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phone number
+61 07 30409222

what's it like

  • exploration
    & discovery
  • strategy
    & innovation
  • development
    & review
  • approval & deployment

& discovery

  • Communication process
  • Establish goals
  • Identify risks
  • Evaluate current systems
  • Set parameters

& innovation

  • Communication process
  • Define project structure
  • Conceptualize implemented outcomes
  • Create concepts
  • Mobilise resources

& review

  • Communication process
  • Produce required content
  • Develop documentation
  • Finalize project
  • Submit for review

Approval & Deployment

  • Communication process
  • Deploy and implement
  • Optimise for performance
  • Monitor outcomes
  • Identify Improvement Opportunities

More than Food Safety. More than
Food Quality. We build Sustainable Systems.

If you just want a food compliance certificate on the wall and don’t want to demonstrate your commitment, go to lesser consultancy. If you just want a new food safety and quality manual, use our industry leading tool at If you want to maximise business efficiencies, lead your food industry sector and minimise risks to your business, then you've come to the right place. We are Alimentex, an Asia Pacific based food industry consultancy with successful clients across the globe. And we can do for your business the same thing we do for theirs: Combine experience, discovery, strategy and development to maximise your Return on Innovation? Come on in…

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